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Computational Intelligence Detection Research Initiative Group (CID) is a Research Excellence Entity of Pharmaceutical & Lifesciences Community of Research (CORE), University Teknologi MARA. It teamed up with a uniquely interdisciplinary group of computer scientist, biomedical engineers and medical doctors. The niche research area of the Computational Physiologic Detection lies in detection of physiological event markers, through innovative automated computational signal processing techniques, for intervention and rehabilitation, to improve the quality of life. Expertise Spectrum of the team includes neurocognitive disorder, neuro-rehabilitation, human stress, scombroid allergy, flavivirus infection, microcontroller, embedded system and device circuit fabrication.

Members :

1. Associate Professor Dr. Lee Yoot Khuan
    Orcid ID 0000-0001-8963-7937
(Neurofeedback, Raman and SERS Analysis, Biomedical signal processing, Chemfet)

Dr. LEE Yoot Khuan received her BSc (First Hons) in Aeronautical Eng from Bristol University in 1983, MSc in Control Eng from Bradford University in 1990 and PhD in EE Eng (Biomedical) from Nottingham University, UK in 2007. She is an Associate Prof at the Faculty of EE Eng, UiTM. She has authored more than 170 technical publications in conferences and journals. She has experience as Editor-in-Chief and Board of Editors. She serves as a reviewer for IEEE FIE, EMBEC, Elsevier Editorial, ScholarOne, Wiley Periodicals and referee for IEEE EMBS, IEEE EMBS NER, IEEE EMBS MNM, IEEE EMBS BHI. She is a Distinguished Faculty of the IEEE EMBS Summer School on Emerging Technologies and Applications in Telemedicine in 2012. She is an Invited Speaker for the Sustainable Healthcare Delivery: Telehealth Systems: from Neonatal to Application for Elderly Session, at the 34th Annual International Conference of the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC2012). She has also been appointed as Chair, Co-Chair, Mentor, Publication Chair, Publicity Chair, Technical Program Chair, International Program Committee, Steering Committee and Advisory Committee of international conferences related to Biomedical Engineering. She is a Keynote at the International Conference on Current Research and Applications in Electrical Sciences (ICCRAES 2016). She is contracted as International Expert, Research Grant Proposal Evaluation, National Science Center, Poland. She is with the National Medical Research Registry of Malaysia as a Registered Research Investigator. One of her research products, An Efficient Web-based Graphical Viewing Tool for Telemedicine Application won Medals from 5 different categories (Medical, TeleCommunication, Computer Software, Engineering & Science) at INPEX, USA. Another of her research product, A Salivary based Human Stress Bio-sensing Wearable Device, won a Medal at IENA, Germany. A few of her papers also garnered Awards of Excellence. She was awarded Champion Academic by her Faculty in 2017.
  Her Research Experience includes analysis, compression and remote display of biomedical signals with infrequent short duration event; Classifying neonatal cry to determine the physiologic status of baby (asphyxia and hypothyroid) with SVM, PSO, BPSO and MLP; Neurofeedback for dyslexia children; Automation of an amperometric flow injection analysis system for measuring human stress; Development of polysilicon based micro-cantilever biosensor for human stress measurement; Development of ChemFET biosensor for histamine; Salivary based disease detection from Raman spectra. Her Research Interests includes biomedical signal processing, biomedical event detection, neurofeedback, physiologic measurement and artificial intelligence, in particular their application to improving the quality of life of mankind, of age less than 8 and more than 80, inspired by The Last Lecture by Prof Randy Pausch.

  She is a Senior Member of IEEE and EMBS as well as a member of BEM and IET. She has been the Executive Committee of IEEE Malaysia Section and IEEE WIE. She has also served as the Executive Committee, Chair and Past Chair of IEEE EMBS, Malaysia Chapter. Under her leadership, the Chapter has won the 2012 IEEE EMBS Outstanding Chapter Award from 134 chapters worldwide and the 2012 Best Chapter Award (1st Runner Up) from IEEE Malaysia Section. She has also won the 2012 Best Volunteer Award from IEEE Malaysia Section, 2013 IEEE Asia Pacific Region (R10) Educational Activities Award for Informal Education and 2015 IEEE Asia Pacific Region (R10) Outstanding Individual Award for Humanitarian Technology Activities. She was an Assessment Committee member of IEEE SIGHT in 2016. She has also served as member of IEEE R10 EA Committee (2014, 2016) and R10 WIE Committee (2015). She has also been trained in IEEE EAB TISP. For Students, she was appointed Mentor to the 2014 IEEE EMBS International Student Conference in Malaysia by IEEE EMBS. For Humanity work, she has projects with IEEE SIGHT and IEEE EPIC.

Leader, Computational Intelligence Detection Research Interest Group, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Communities of Research (PLS-CORE).

2. Associate Professor Datin Dr. Wahidah Mansor
    Orcid ID 0000-0002-4250-3410
(Biomedical Signal Processing, Brain Computer Interface, Embedded system, Neurofeedback)

Wahidah Mansor received her B. Eng (Hons) in Electronic Engineering from City of Birmingham Polytechnic, United Kingdom in 1989 and the MSc and PhD degrees in Electronic Engineering from University of Nottingham, United Kingdom in 1992 and 2007 respectively. She currently is an Associate Professor of Electronic Engineering (Computer) at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia. She has published numerous numbers of conferences and journal papers and has received a total of 16 innovation awards at the university level, national and international for her excellent research achievements. She serves as a reviewer for international journals and conferences such as AJBMS, Biomed Signal Process, FUEL, JESTEC, LWT, MBEC, IJIE, IEEE EMBS NER, EMBC, IECBES, EMBEC and others. She is an invited speaker at a few international conferences. Her main research interests include biomedical signal processing, brain–computer interfaces, neurofeedback, embedded system design and computer engineering. She is a member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and Malaysia Society of Medical and Biological Engineering (MSMBE). She has served as a chair of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS), Malaysia Chapter from 2015 to 2017 and currently is an advisor to the society.

Co-Leader and Grants and Post Graduate Recruitment

3. Associate Professor Mohd Uzir Kamaluddin
(Wireless sensor network, Embedded systems, Home automation)

MSc in Electronic Engineering (University of Nottingham)

Event Organizer 1 and Webmaster 1

4. Dr. Lyly Nyl Ismail
(Nanocomposite Material Fabrication)

PhD in Fabrication Nanotechnology (UiTM)

5. Dr. Norfaridah Ahmad Roslan

Event Organizer 2 and Hospital Collaboration and Subject Recruits

6. Mr. Abdul Razak Mahmud
(Image Processing)

Face book, Webmaster 2 and Publicity

7. Afaf Rozan Mohd Radzol
(Raman and SERS Analysis, Biomedical signal processing)

Secretary 2 (Annual Reporting)

Associate Member :

1. Dr. Nadia Mohd Mustafah

Hospital Collaboration and Subject Recruits